Stanley Electric US


Stanley Electric US manufactures a variety of automotive lighting and electrical components

For over 30 years, Stanley Electric U.S. Co., Inc. has led the automotive lighting industry, supplying vehicle lighting to auto makers worldwide.  We produce a full range of products, including headlamps, signal lighting, rear combination (tail light) lighting, high mount lighting, night view systems, and accessory lighting.

We’ve expanded our product line to include automotive electronics, such as:

  • Control panels for audio equipment & air conditioners
  • Front and rear heater control systems
  • Heated seat controls
  • Sunbeam sensors
  • In-car sensors

The Stanley Electric U.S. ‘Know-How’

By creating the world’s first LED high mount lamp and contributing to safe driving globally, Stanley Electric U.S.’s ‘know-how’ is backed by over 30 years of experience in redefining the automotive industry’s standards in lighting.  Connecting the gap between design concepts and engineering, we infuse modern lamp technology with unique, eye-catching designs that are mass produced to the highest level of quality.


Designing Works Of Art

Taking yesterday’s static, rounded headlamp and turning it into a stylish, work of beauty is what makes Stanley Electric U.S.’s design team stand out from the competition. Our designers craft our lamps with forward-thinking strategies that give our customers the signature works of art their brands desire. We keep safety at the forefront of each lamp design, considering the driver and every individual that sits behind the wheel.

Producing Outshining Light

Developed by our home office in Japan, Stanley Electric U.S. champions our production innovations activity, SNAP (Stanley’s New Approach to Productivity), into every department. SNAP allows us to increase quality, consciously make efforts to reduce waste, and simplify work processes. There is no end in our attempt to ‘reach the summit of manufacturing’, producing outshining light through our products, by our Stanley Electric U.S. family.