Stanley Electric US


Satisfying North American Demands for Lighting Solutions

A Global Team

Stanley Electric U.S. is part of a global group of companies owned and controlled by Tokyo based Stanley Electric Ltd. Stanley Electric Ltd. was founded on December 29, 1920 and established on May 5, 1933. The Stanley Electric Ltd. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The consolidated sales for the Stanley Worldwide network exceeded $3.5 billion for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016. With over 60 global partner companies and over 15,000 employees, Stanley Electric is a leader in the automotive-equipment industry by developing cutting-edge products for use in automobiles. Stanley Electric is highly specialized in the design and production of lighting equipment, accessories, and electronic components. Together through our dedication towards excellence and highest quality achievable, the Stanley group strives towards Outshining Light; our corporate motto.

Stanley Electric U.S.

Founded in 1981, Stanley Electric U.S. opened its doors in the picturesque city of London, Ohio. For over 30 years, Stanley Electric U.S. has continually challenged the automotive lighting industry by creating innovative, modern, and stylish products. Our founder’s hope and dream of brightening the world with our auto lamps drives our team to be the best in the industry. Our commitment to safety and our passion for quality is what makes Stanley Electric U.S. shine.

Origin Of The Corporate Name

The company was named after the intrepid 19th-century English explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley, who was renowned for the vision and courage he had so abundantly demonstrated during his exploits on the continent of Africa.

Stanley went over to America at the age of 17, fought in the Civil War, and later became an employee of New York Herald. There he tracked down, in a dramatic encounter, David Livingstone, who had disappeared in Africa, and identified the sources of Nile and Congo Rivers in his expeditions across Africa, as well as founding the base of Congo Free State. Stanley was a person who truly brought about rays of bright hopes to the world.

Stanley Timeline

  • 1920

    “Kitano Shokai” is founded

  • 1923

    Starts manufacturing and distribution of automobile and other special light bulbs

  • 1949

    Restores name to Stanley Electric Co., LTD.

  • 1952

    Starts manufacturing of shield beam, automotive lighting equipment

  • 1962

    Stock: Designated to the First Section of Tokyo Stock ExchangeLTD.

  • 1969

    Establishes research & development laboratory

  • 1976

    Starts manufacturing of superluminescent LED

  • 1976

    Develops ultra-high luminescent LED (2,000 mcd)

  • 1979

    Establishes Stanley Electric U.S. Co., Inc. in Missouri, U.S.

    Receives Okochi Memorial Technology Prize for development of superluminescent LED

  • 1980

    Develops color LCD

    Establishes Okazaki Factory

  • 1981

    Establishes Ohio factory of Stanley Electric U.S.

  • 1984

    Receives Nikkei Elements Product Award for high power infrared LED

    Receives Okochi Memorial Technology Prize for development and commercialization of large-sized two-layer guest host type color LCD

  • 1986

    Establishes Utsunomiya Technology Center (abbr. UTC)

    Establishes II Stanley Co., Inc. in Michigan, U.S.

  • 2000

    Formulates Stanley Group Vision