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by creating better products needed by people in whatever conditions we are placed.”

Takanori Kitano, President and Representative Director


Due to recent changes in production schedules, the following Manufacturing departments will be shutdown Sunday night Oct 3rd (3rd shift) and Monday Oct 4th (1st and 2nd shifts):
Mfg. III - 130 (BMC)
Mfg. III - 131 (LINE 5)
Mfg. III - 139 (LINE 4)
Mfg. III - 135 (HARDCOAT)
Mfg. III - 138 (ANTI-FOG)

Mfg. IV - All 3rd shift Operations will be shutdown Sunday night Oct 3rd only.

If your supervisor reached out to you directly, please follow their instruction for production day, Monday, October 4th.

All production resumes on (3rd Shift) Monday night Oct 4th and 1st & 2nd Shifts Tuesday, October 5th.